In which region Keller GmbH is mainly engaged?

Keller GmbH is mainly engaged in Zug, the agglomeration of Zug and the surrounding area. Of course we offer our services also in the adjacent cantons.

What offers Keller GmbH?

We are professionals for the cleaning service in the office / industrial and residential buildings, exterior cleaning of large buildings up to the entire facility management. Whether basic cleaning, construction cleaning, office cleaning, hotel cleaning or stairwell cleaning, we are the right partner.

Particularly appreciated our environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

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Is Keller GmbH using environmentally friendly cleaning products?

Keller GmbH use, wherever possible, environmentally friendly detergent for their cleaning services. These products are highly effective cleaning products that are currently benefiting from their coverage, effectiveness and biodegradability and are the best on the market.

What is 'nano sealant' ?

This method of nature has been copied. As on a lotus flower, even in heavy rain, no water adheres so also treated with a "nano sealing" glass can literally roll off the dirt itself. You gain time until next cleaning and long-term investments in life and value of your building.

What technical equipment used at Keller GmbH?

For the maintenance in parks and apartments, on sidewalks and parking lots, we use high-quality technical equipment that stands in performance and durability. For the cleaning services in commercial environment’s we use modern single disc machines, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, carpet brush suction, lifting platforms, polishing machines, carpet wet cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners and pressure washers.