Carpet cleaning


Soil treatment

The differentiation of the different materials is the "Alpha and Omega" in the cleaning of a brilliant success. Each soil type has its peculiarities which must be considered in the care, whether linoleum, PVC, wood, laminate and stone.
Keller GmbH with the basic cleaning service care soils. The new initial treatment of your floor is not only protected - the life time extended by this routine care.

Carpet cleaning

Keller GmbH offers you a comprehensive cleaning of all kinds of carpets. We shampoo, wash, dry and know the procedures around the theme of foam - injection and extraction. Allergy sufferers also benefit from these procedures.



The highly effective protection of fiber impregnation does not change the color or the material properties, it only protects your carpet. Stains and marks can be removed much more easily, even odors are prevented.